Teacher Spotlight: Martin A. Zayco

November 30, 2020


1. Your Name

 Martin A. Zayco


2. Where do you teach?

 ESF Kowloon Junior School Saturday Classes 


3. Which level of class do you teach? 

 Lower Primary English 


4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself or tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know?

 I know when I’m going to pass out/faint! I don’t enjoy shopping and I like recycling and being sustainable!


5. What are your hobbies?

 I enjoy hiking, group exercise, watching movies/TV series, arts/craft and gardening.


6. Do you have any unusual talents?

 I’m naturally good with plants and arts!


7. Why do you enjoy teaching at ESF Language & Learning?

 I love interacting with kids and enjoy the diversity of cultures. I am young at heart and enjoy having fun with students as you never really know what response you’ll get. I can easily put children at ease and make them feel comfortable and safe. It’s gratifying to see children learn and develop confidence as they grow and mature to a higher level.


8. Share a funny story that has happened in your classroom or at school.

One student shampooed (placed hand soap on) his best friend's hair. After talking to the child’s parents, we realized that his sister placed gel on his hair the day before so he decided to be cool and placed gel on his BFF's hair; only it was not gel but hand soap from the toilet.