Teacher Spotlight: Marie Angeles

March 19, 2021

Miss Marie


1. What is your name? 
My name is Marie Angeles.
2. Where do you teach?
I teach at ESF Language & Learning Centre (Wan Chai) and ESF Hillside International Kindergarten.
3. What is the level of class that you teach? 
I teach Kindergarten (K1) and Playgroup.  
4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself OR tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know!
I used to play a sport called "Sepak Takraw".
5. What are your hobbies?
I like hiking and finding instagrammable places.
6. Do you have any unusual talents?
I can play the xylophone and I can also rollerblade! 
7. Why do you enjoy teaching at ESF Language & Learning?
Working in a career with young people and knowing that I am making a difference is something that makes me happy and proud. It is not always about changing the lives of others, but sometimes the life that gets changed is your own.

This is why as a teacher, I am also a lifelong learner like my students! 

8. Share a funny story that has happened in your classroom or at school! 
While I was reading a book about weather. (Unaccompanied 2-3 yrs old)

TEACHER : What do you think is the weather in this picture?
STUDENT #1 : Raining!
STUDENT #2 : It's dark , there's lightning!
TEACHER : Yes , it's raining , it's dark and there's lightning. I wonder what sound do you hear when it's raining hard and you see lightning too?
9. Anything that you would like to share with us?
Teaching is a work of heart!