Teacher Spotlight: Joanne Chong

May 03, 2021

Joanne Chong


1. What is your name? 
My name is Joanne Chong
2. Where do you teach?
For ESF Language & Learning, I am based at ESF Hillside International Kindergarten on Saturdays as well as Summer Camp at South Island School and online classes. During term time, I work at Bradbury Junior School. 
3. What is the level of class that you teach? 
From playgroup to upper primary level.
4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself OR tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know!
I used to do horse riding.
5. What are your hobbies?
Badminton, swimming, travelling, reading, and watching movies/TV series.
6. Do you have any unusual talents?
I am naturally good with children.
7. Why do you enjoy teaching at ESF Language & Learning?
ESF Language & Learning is an organization with nice staff and supportive management.  I also get to work with a diverse range of teachers and students in different age groups. All the students are self-motivated and eager to learn and I enjoy watching them learn and grow.
8. Share a funny story that has happened in your classroom or at school! 
With the Covid pandemic, most children are used to meeting their friends and relatives through Zoom or Facetime, etc.  During our face-to-face playgroup recently, after we sang the 'Goodbye' song to the little ones, one came to me and waved bye-bye to the picture on my staff ID that I was wearing. It was hilarious!