Outdoor Adventure Camps

(ESF Sports X Outward Bound Hong Kong)


Looking for staycation ideas? Why not sending your child to outdoor adventure camps in Hong Kong with helping them step out of their comfort zone and discover their potential?

ESF Sports are now partnering with Outward Bound Hong Kong to launch new programme - Outdoor Adventure Camp in this Spring. Outward Bound Hong Kong, an experienced outdoor education organisation, has been helping young people step out of their comfort zones and in to the wilderness for over 50 years! Outward Bound guides youth in discovering and developing their potential- whether they're learning to care for themselves, others, or the natural world around them. This outdoor adventure camp is sure to be a fun and empowering experience. Your child will connect with the beautiful wilderness that Hong Kong has to offer, build community with their peers and develop confidence in themselves along the way.

3-Day Sea Kayak Expedition 

8-10 April 2021

Ages 14-16 years 

Sea Kayak Expedition

Our teen Sea Kayak Expedition is designed for students aged 14-16, and will challenge participants physically, socially and emotionally. Students discover their passion; dig deep; and master skills – both technical and interpersonal. Surrounded by the pristine natural world and a group of adventurous peers, students work as a team to achieve goals and learn skills. Outward Bound promotes character development, leadership, and service in the most engaging classroom possible …nature. In real time, students experience the effects of their decisions on themselves and the other members of their group as they work to complete difficult tasks necessary for outdoor group travel. Instructors challenge students to try new things and step outside their comfort zones.


  • Explore the islands, coves, sea caves and beaches of Hong Kong
  • Camp on a new island each night as you explore the currents of Sai Kung
  • Master basic kayak and navigation skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Master basic paddling skills including self-rescue
  • Learn basic navigation and map-reading
  • Communication & leadership skills as you take turns guiding the group
  • Confidence & self-awareness in taking care of yourself in an unfamiliar experience


Outward Bound Hong Kong

210 Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong