Dance Clinics 

14-31 December 2020

11-15 years old

In our dance programme, we hope to de-emphasize learning steps and routines, and eliminating “right” and “wrong.” Rather than teaching students to be dancers, we strive to teach them to think like dancers. We believe that through concept-based creative movement and choreography, we aim to bring to the forefront the characteristics and skills that dance fosters, including: self-awareness, confidence, artistic and aesthetic appreciation, self-esteem, collaboration, a passion for lifelong learning, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, community, perception, communication skills, initiative, independence, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. All through free expression, we develop creativity, and most importantly, have fun!

Hip Hop

A good fusion of Hip Hop and Swag, the course aims to challenge the basic fundamentals from classic hip hop and the executions of lyrical movements through a thought out set of choreography. From intricate hand and feet movements, detailing the lyrics in the song to body. A great course to attend if you're into learning a structured dance routine.

Pop Jazz

Pop jazz is a fun and upbeat dance style that is guaranteed to make you feel sassy and confident. It combines various jazz techniques, modern street dance, lyrical jazz fused with hip hop flare. Focus will be on overall style and attitude but will also incorporate learning jumps, turns, and kicks. This MTV styled class aims to conclude with a short video taking session for social media posting.


This class aims to tackle the in depth challenges in the very current styles of K-pop. This class starts with the dance fundamentals followed by a set of choreography, blockings and formation. This class also aims to conclude with a short video taking session for social media posting.