Fencing Clinics 

29 June -31 July 2020
5 -8 years 

Learn the art of sword in summer with an ESF Fencing clinic! Our clinics are aimed at developing your child's fundamental skills of fencing which will enable them to become strong and resilient fencers.

Our friendly and qualified coaches provide a supportive and enjoyable learning environment and will help your child to develop a love of the sport! 

Our fencing clinics are open to all young students - both ESF and non-ESF students.

Age category 

Session Time

5-8 years old

4:30pm - 6:00pm

The following items must be purchased prior to the class. 

Holiday Programme Starter Set at $650
- Mask (one size)
- Glove (left handed / right handed)
Recommended yet optional items
- Weapon (plastic) - $300
- Protective jacket - $350
* Plastic weapons and protective jackets will be provided and shared amongst students and will be sanitised regularly. However, we strongly recommend that each participant should use their own set of equipment for health and safety reasons.