ESF Sports Camps

29 June - 31 July 2020

4 months to 14 years

School is out and fun is at ESF Sports Camps & Clinics! ESF Sports will be offering Multi-Sports Camp, Swimming Clinic, Football Clinic and Gymnastics Camp this summer.

Multi Sports Camp is a programme that develops children’s sporting skills through play, developmental games and game-based sports.

Full day camps are available at Kowloon Junior, Renaissance College and South Island School with a language camp in the morning and a sports camp in the afternoon. 


Venues and Locations - Our camps are held at ESF Schools or other international schools ensuring our facilities and equipment are of the highest quality.  Where possible, we like to ensure our venues have access to indoor and outdoor spaces and a swimming pool so as to provide a highly varied sporting environment.

Weekly Programme - Our camps take place Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon, and are planned so that the children are exposed to as wide a variety of sports as possible.  It is possible to book for one week or several weeks.