Photography - Make The Shot

Ages 14-16 Years

5-9 July at South Island School

Take control of your camera and capture elusive images!


Photography is a combination of technical mastery, aesthetics, and intent. The goal of a photographer is to distil a moment, a mere fraction of a second, into an image that tells a rich story full of detail and colour. To be successful requires not only mastery of the craft but knowledge and critical thinking skills applied to the subject as well as attention,  perspective and confidence in themselves along the way.

Throughout the week the students will work toward these learning objectives through cycles of instruction, practice, and review. By focusing on team sports, students will come to understand many of the elements of storytelling and communication while engaging a demanding subject to photograph. To be successful, students will need to become masters of their cameras as well as critical thinkers and intuitive action takers. A must-do workshop for students interested in photography and visual storytelling.


  • Learn technical skills for capturing difficult images and adding expression to a subject.

  • Develop a personalised approach to visual storytelling.

  • Begin to recognise and shape a unique visual style 

Learning Outcomes

  • Manual Control of a DSLR/Mirrorless camera.

  • Visual literacy

  • Aesthetic and storytelling techniques.

  • Planning, researching, and shooting visual stories.

  • Critiquing and developing a unique photographic style


A DSLR, mirrorless camera is required for this course. Equipment may be rented from the course leader. For students who have their own DSLR, mirrorless camera, please email us at and a refund of the rental cost will be arranged. Students are also required to bring their own laptop to each session.