Secondary Debate

Ages 11-13 Years

Weeks 2-4 Tue-Thu


Secondary Debate

Join us for some lively discussions this Summer in our new Secondary Debate programme. Globally, elections have evolved and politicians have changed their communication tactics. What styles would students take to convey their opinion? Would it be more like Trump or Biden?

Over the three sessions, students will have plenty of opportunities to discuss and debate a range of topics. 


In Secondary Debate students will:

  • Analyse language and body language from real debates such as the presidential debates

  • Construct arguments using persuasive language and engaging sentence openers

  • Learn about the tone of voice and vocal delivery during a debate 

  • Enhance speaking confidence

  • Practise rebuttals

  • Learn how to research for a debate  in an effective manner

  • Practise taking notes during a debate to form the basis of another argument 

  • Put skills into practice with small group and class debates