The Magic Lantern (6-8 years)

Times: 14:00-16:00

Days: Monday to Wednesday 

Dates and Venues: 

  • 12-14 July, Renaissance College

  • 19-21 July, Kowloon Junior School

  • 26-28 July, South Island School

  • 2-4 August, ESF Language & Learning Centre

Not only will students think outside the box on this course, they will also create outside the box.   Exclusive to ESF Language & Learning, and unavailable elsewhere in Hong Kong, we are excited to use Box Candiy Lantern Sets in our classes to ignite students’ enthusiasm and imagination. Through storytelling, role play, games and art where will the Magic Lanterns take us?

Sea Life Lantern Scratch Art Set 

Sweet Treats Lantern Scratch Art Set 

Wonderland Lantern Scratch Art Set

Each set includes: 4 PVC scratch art boards, 1 scratch stick, 9 cardboard puzzle pieces to build a 3D lantern, 1 roll double sided tape, 1 flameless candle, and 1 keepsake storage box.

Lantern Box