Spanish through Art & Culture

(7-11 years old)

Spanish is a vibrant language with a fascinating culture. This summer, we are excited to offer a brand new Spanish course, in which students are immersed in the Hispanic art and culture as they develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Each day, students will build their understanding of the language through a different component of the culture. From latino music to indigenous art, students will travel in time through all the richness of Hispanic music, customs, people and colours. An immersion into different activities and art projects that will enrich not only their communication skills but also their love for art and their knowledge of different art techniques.

This course is delivered by Linda Valencia.

Linda Valencia is a qualified teacher and Graphic Artist Designer and Communicator from Guatemala. She has lived around the world and has brought together her two main passions - art and teaching her culture and language. Linda has designed art classes and workshops for children in Central America, Africa, India and Hong Kong. In this workshop, she aims to introduce the Spanish language in a different and unique dimension, blending two subjects so that children can discover and explore the Spanish language and culture through art.

**The course materials are on a 2 week rotation, meaning Weeks 2-3 are different and Weeks 4-5 starts the rotation again.

**Students can enrol for 1 or 2 weeks of classes but 2 weeks is recommended.