Primary Writing

Lower Primary (6-8 years old)**,

Upper Primary (9-11 years old)


Whether you know oxymoron from onomatopoeia or haiku from hyperbole, each week students will learn a range of techniques, vocabulary and grammar as they explore different text types.

Week 1 / 5  - Narratives and Creativity*: A job of a writer is to tell a story. Our writers will learn about narratives in the first half of the week and will then become journalists to produce their own newspaper articles.

Week 3 / 7 - Creative Writing: Creative juices will be flowing this week as students bring their ideas to life.  

* Only for Upper Primary Students.  Lower Primary students can enrol in the Primary Reader’s Theatre in the same week.

** Please note that students need to be at the early writing stage to join the Lower Primary Writing programme. This includes spelling some commonly used words and attempting to write sentences independently. Students who do not meet this requirement will be better suited to the Commander Earth programme in which there will still be some writing components but at a more appropriate level.

Primary Writing runs every other week; therefore, we would suggest:



Weeks 1 or 5

Weeks 2 or 6

Weeks 3 or 7

Weeks 4 or 8

6-8 years

Reader’s Theatre

Science Carnival

Creative Writing

Ancient Science

9-11 years

Narratives and Creativity

Science Carnival

Creative Writing

Ancient Science