Primary Science 

STEM: Past, Present & Future

Lower Primary (6-8 years old)

Upper Primary (9-11 years old)

Technology is advancing and the world is evolving, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has come to the fore and it is now vital for all students to know the essentials of this subject….or lose out! 

Students will gain vital hands-on skills as they dive deep into engineering, design and simple technology challenges. Not only will they learn about the scientific method, but they will also develop an understanding of a range of text types such as explanations and reports as they write up their experiments.

Week 2 / 6 - Science Carnival: Students will become immersed in the carnival theme in which they will work on a series of mini-projects, including putting their knowledge of forces and motion into action by building their own carnival game.

Week 4 / 8 - Ancient Science: From ancient irrigation methods to mummification, students will step back in time and complete STEM challenges based on ancient civilisations.

Primary Science runs every other week, therefore, we would suggest:



Weeks 1 or 5

Weeks 2 or 6

Weeks 3 or 7

Weeks 4 or 8

6-8 years

Reader’s Theatre

Science Carnival

Creative Writing

Ancient Science

9-11 years

Narratives and Creativity

Science Carnival

Creative Writing

Ancient Science