Planet Guardian Adventures

Lower Kindergarten: 34 months - 4 years

Upper Kindergarten: 4-5 years

Primary: 6-8 years

Join our Planet Guardian Adventures for four weeks of exciting quests, meeting different people and exploring exciting places each time. This course uses dramagamesstory books and art to develop readingwritingEnglish speaking and listening skills whilst broadening knowledge and experiences.

With four weeks of programmes to choose from, students will embark on an exciting new adventure each week to meet a range of colourful characters such as....

Animal Wranglers - beware of the wild animals we’ll meet this week and avoid their bite, snap or sting; tame the lions in the circus as we join their fun and games under the big top.

Super Heroes - create your own superhero to join the team of Planet Guardians; use your new powers to save the world.

Fantasy Explorers - brave fire breathing dragons to rescue the princess from the tower; become a herald, watchman, knight, or jester and learn about medieval life.

Treasure Seekers - embark on a nautical adventure meeting fishermen and mermaids; discover pirate treasure along the way but be careful not to walk the plank!

Join all four weeks to become a Planet Guardian and receive your Badge of Honour.

The course materials are on a 4-week rotation, meaning Week 2-5 are different every week and Week 6-8 starts the rotation again. 

Please contact the office if you would like to know the order of themes for your preferred venue.