Basic Essential English

6-8 years and 9-11 years

This course focuses on the basic fundamentals of the English language. The lessons will provide a firm foundation for understanding and being able to apply basic grammar rules which are essential for communicating effectively.

Students will work on sentence structure and grammar to improve communication skills through a range of engaging writing and speaking activities.

Everyday English for different life scenarios, in both formal and informal settings, will also be covered. This includes essential English for overseas travel and basic email English.

*Please note that Basic Essential English courses are only for beginners or those at a very basic level of English. If your child has a good grasp of English, please choose a different course from the range on offer from ESF Language & Learning. 

**The course materials are on a 2 week rotation, meaning Weeks 1-2 are different and Weeks 3-4 starts the rotation again. 

***Students can enrol for 1 or 2 weeks of classes but 2 weeks is recommended.