ESF Sports Cubs Clinics

Kowloon Junior School

8-11 October 2019

2- 4 years

This year’s October half term will include a 4 day camp for new and existing members of the ESF Sports community. This camp will provide a range of fundamental activities and simple problem solving games, that help to target and develop our students strengths and abilities. Whilst always maintaining a safe, enjoyable and inclusive experience.

Our coaches

The ESF Sports team consists of head coaches, as well as assistance sports staff, all possessing a lifetime worth of experience and love for all that is sports. From the interaction with others, to perfecting a specific skill. All coaches qualified and capable of providing the highest level of coaching this age group can receive. The energy and enthusiasm is clear and consistent in every session we take, and this helps our students to feel more comfortable and welcome.


The games and activities being taught, help to introduce a various range of challenges and tasks. These will become the foundation of our students abilities. To start introducing these simple fundamentals of exercise, movement and sport, this early on, will provide a long lasting benefit.

  • Strength and balance
  • Interaction with others
  • Simple colour coordination games
  • Speed and agility fundamentals
  • Basic movement and function