Multi-Sports Camp

19-23 October 2020
3-10 years old

The holidays are coming and it's time to get out and get moving with an ESF Sports Camp! Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for students, ESF Sports keeps FUN central to our programme. Our enthusiastic approach combined with expert coaches with a passion for sport, enables every student to develop their skills and self-confidence in a range of activities, both as an individual and within a group or team dynamic.

3-10 years olds will love our day camps that are split into separate age groups. All camps combine a range of age-appropriate activities that aim to develop a core range of skills such as very basic motor skills (running, jumping, turning, balance) through to more sophisticated game related abilities (teamwork, speed & agility, etc.). 

Swimming is available at ESF South Island School and ESF Renaissance School


  • ESF Kowloon Junior School
  • ESF Renaissance College
  • ESF King George V
  • ESF South Island School

Age category


3 to 4 years old


5 to 6 years old


7 to 8 years old


9 to 10 years old


*Each SC0 student need to be accompanied by one guardian throughout the lesson. Due to health & safety reasons, we have the following arrangements in place.

ESF Renaissance College (SC0, 1, 2, 3) - 1 guardian is available on site
ESF King George V (SC0) - 1 guardian is available on site
ESF Kowloon Junior School (SC1, 2, 3) - NO guardian is available on site
ESF South Island School (SC0, 1, 2, 3) - 1 guardian is available on site in a designated waiting area
*** Guardians of SC0 will be allowed to stay in the venue ***