Online Coding Courses
Ages 8 -14 Years 

Learning to code will increase your child’s odds of securing a lucrative STEM career, especially in a world where computing jobs are growing at over twice the national average. So, let's unlock new tech skills and soft skills with joining one of our popular courses.

  • Stay at home, learn at home!

  • Plan, design and formulate ideas on what students want to build

  • Develop creativity by designing video games and Apps

  • Improve presentation and collaboration skills

  • Polish problem-solving, critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills

  • Learn new digital skills, build their own projects and grow tech portfolio


Explore Coding And Game Design
(Ages 8 - 9 Years)

Students will be introduced to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three fundamental languages that all websites are built out of. The hands-on exercises and collaborative activities in this course will help students develop a sharper understanding and feel for web development and programming concepts. In addition to learning code, students will improve their critical thinking skills, their decision making, and their ability to work together with peers. This course s a great introduction for younger students with or without prior coding experience.
Explore coding and game design


First Steps in Coding 
Ages 8 - 9 Years)

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the fundamental languages that develop web applications. Students will do hands-on exercises to develop a sharper understanding of web development. During the course, students will create a poster, build a website and build a Trivia Game that brings together the 3 coding languages. Through this course, students will start building their own tech portfolio and build the foundations required to explore more complex courses in the future.
First Steps in Coding



Mobile App Development with Thunkable
(Ages 10 - 11 Years) 

This programme is specially designed to build students’ programming knowledge and provide them with a good understanding of the principles of app development. Using Thunkable, a platform for building Android and IOS mobile apps, students will code and tap into their creativity and problem-solving skills. They will learn how to build great user experience and will be tasked to custom design and create their own handheld application. At the end of the camp, they will have fully functional apps and games for their phones and tablets which they can also share with their family and friends.
Mobile App Development with Thunkable

Build Your Own Fashion Brand
(Ages 10 - 11 Years) 

Explore the digital side of fashion and brand identity! Students will combine their creativity, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to design and showcase their own fashion brands. By defining target audiences, developing inspiration boards and creating informed digital brand identities, they will learn how to organize and translate their vision into a design for a real HTML and CSS coded website. Content will include a custom logo, brand guide, color palettes, mission statement and more. This online portfolio will draw attention to students’ work and reflect their unique fashion brand identities. All skill levels are welcome.
Design Your Own Fashion Brand


Mobile App Development (Game)
(Ages 12 - 14 Years) 

Create an interactive mobile game that uses your phone's gyroscope to control your character through mazes and obstacles to find the goal! This course focuses on the unique advantages of the mobile platform for development, teaches students modern approaches in game design, and uses haptic and special effects (SFX) feedback to enhance the feel of the game. 
Mobile App Development (game)

Construct A Virtual Reality World
(Ages 12 - 14 Years)

From forests to Mars, students will bring their imagination to life by coding their own virtual world. Using BSD Online and adding customized textures, elements and interactions, they will create exciting and realistic simulated 3D-environments which they can share with family and friends. If VR headsets are available, students can enable virtual reality to immerse themselves even further into their creations.
VR World